Photos & Slideshows

Beside the two videographers on this trip, there were a couple of designated photographers with some very nice gear. Just about everyone on the team had smartPhones and other cameras. Lewis, howerver had the only laptop with a large external hard drive. Each night the day's photos were loaded on the hard drive, so it is hard to give credit to any one team member. Let's just say the photo credits go to the Hecho En Peru Team. Thank you all.

Playing: We played four shows, but when not playing music, we played.

River: There are only two words needed to describe this magnificent river."The Amazon"

Jungle: The jungle was as mysterious as and huge as the river, but the people are just as great.

Locals: You'll meet the locals of Lima, Iquitos, Belen, Boras, Nauta and Puerta San Miguel.

Fishing: Headline man eats piranha. They are small and scry, but tasty too.

Lodge: Adventure tourisms is a growing industry in Peru. It helps preserve the rain forrest.

Our Photo Album

For now we have six slideshows in our album, but we took, literally, over a thousand photos. What is presented here are some of our favorite photo memories. We will hopefully do a lot more sifting, filing and organizing of this collection. Once we have things in better order we will be sure to share it all with you. Thanks for checking out what we have so far.