The Documentary

This documentary was recorded in the summer of 2009. A team of 15 people, including musicians, interpreters and a video crew traveled to Peru to put on four concerts. The purpose of the concerts was to raise money for and bring attention to a nonprophet organization, Kairos Ministries, that scholarships all of its poverty stricken students in the two schools it built and operates. The students come from a barrio known as Belen, The documentary is presented in six parts below.

Prologue: The mission, the team and the people of Belen. Why the trip was important.

The Big Show: The concert in Iquitos. Raising funds and awareness for Kairos.

Take Two: A smaller show at one of the Kairos churches. How it changed the team.

Nauta Peru: Show three was in a sleepy town with a warm and friendly population.

The Amazon: Adventure tourism and show four was the unexpected climax to the trip.

Epilogue: How can a trip like this help change a culture of poverty? Is change possible?

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